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TENSION(S) is an action thriller starring Louis Mandylor, directed by Vincent Lecrocq and written/produced by François Mequer & Sean Moussavi.
Filled with suspense, exciting action sequences and several twists, TENSION(S) is a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat until its very last scene !

"Do either you guys have any idea of what it's like to face a hostage taker ? It's not like working in a bank, it's not like working in an office. You get it ? People's lives are in your hand, you make a mistake, someone dies..."

Jake Lamar (Louis Mandylor from TV series Nash Bridges, Martial Law and movies The Quest, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Sinners and Saints...), an ex-negotiator, once pride of the Boston Police Department has now become the shadow of himself. A tragedy made him quit his job to become a rookie trainer. One early morning, Jake is taken hostage in his home by 2 mysterious masked men...

A psychological confrontation takes place while the kidnappers slowly reveal their plan to expose a political conspiracy and demand that Jake helps them to complete the mission. With the life of his daughter as well as innocent people in his hand, Jake will do whatever it takes to stop his adversaries while coming to terms with his arrowing past...


Louis Mandylor

Jake Lamar

Louis Mandylor is Jake Lamar, a former negotiator from the Boston Police Department once known as "The Pride Of Boston". He quit his job and became a rookie trainer after a tragedy he couldn't prevent. Mandylor starred in many movies and TV shows including "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", "Sinners and Saints", "Nash Bridges", "Martial Law"...

David Kinsman


David Kinsman is Kyle, one of the kidnappers who takes Jake Lamar hostage in his house.
He is very determined to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, but he also seems to be hiding a dark secret. Does he just want justice to be done or is he looking for some revenge ? Over the years, David Kinsman played in many short films, features and TV shows.

Richard Roy Sutton


Richard Roy Sutton is David, the other kidnapper who takes Jake hostage in his house.
He is Kyle's younger brother. Even if he is very loyal to Kyle, he seems less determined than his older brother and he does not want anyone to be hurt... Richard Roy Sutton recently starred in the movie "Sick" and the TV shows "Lingerie", "Forbidden Science"...

François Mequer

Francis Kesler

François Mequer is Francis Kesler. He is one of the best Boston SWAT member and Jake's best friend. He leads a small SWAT team dedicated to special ops. He will do everything he can to help his friend Jake. François Mequer is also writer and producer of "Tension(s)". Considering his experience in fight and stunts he is also the fight choreographer.

Emily Stranges

Kathy Lamar

Emily Stranges is Kathy Lamar, Jake's beloved deaf & mute 14 year old daughter. When Kyle and David break into Jake's home, Kathy is still asleep upstairs, not able to hear what's going on. The kidnappers are threatening to hurt her to put more pressure upon Jake.

Justin Bigelli

Henry "The Rookie"

Justin Bigelli is Henri, a new rookie of the Boston Police Department whose Jake trains for field operation. When he comes knocking at Jake's door to bring him to the precinct, he doesn't know Jake is taken hostage, but he suspects something is going on.

Danesh Hanbury


Danesh Hanbury is Yanis, one of the best Boston SWAT member as his good friend and superior Francis Kesler. Man of trust, close combat and weaponry expert, he will do everything he can to help Kesler and will be a valuable asset in their common struggle to help Jake.

Thom Savery


Thom Savery is Reese, another young recruit of the Boston Police Department. Francis Kesler, who usually trains him, thinks he's finally ready for the field operations. The young Reese joins Kesler's team with Yanis to find Anton Fisher and arrest him to help Jake.

Robert Nolan

Senator Karl Fisher

Robert Nolan is Karl Fisher, an ambitious senator who began a campaign to become the next President of the United States of America. His political party is sometimes compared to a right extremist movement suspected of manipulating the public to achieve his goal.

Joel Lacoursiere

Anton Fisher

Joel Lacoursiere is Anton Fisher. He is the Senator Karl Fisher's younger brother. He pretends to be a businessman and owns a company that he uses as cover to make the dirty work of Karl's political party, including blackmail, money laundry, fraud, and perhaps even worse things...

Richard Collier


Richard Collier is Richard. He is an old grumpy veteran of Boston SWAT and certainly a mentor for Jake Lamar and Francis Kesler.
Once a week, Kesler and him train together with Yanis and the other younger recruits in a disused factory. The winner must pay beers for everyone.

Jeanette Roxborough

Jessica Lamar

Jeanette Roxborough is Jessica Lamar, Jake's ex-wife. Jake pushed her away after a tragedy which made him feel guilty. Jeanette Roxborough, played the leading role in the action movie "Bare Knuckles" also starring Louis Mandylor. She has agreed to appear in the movie as a guest-star.

Vincent Lecrocq


Vincent and François knew each other since a few years. Vincent directed some noticed short films in France. Eventually, François made him read "Tension(s)" script. Vincent instantly fell in love with the script and decided to move to Toronto to make the film.

Sean Moussavi


Sean Moussavi works with François since a while. After writing and producing the action short film "Red Wire" along with François Mequer, Sean co-produced "Tension(s)". Due to his great writing abilities Sean quickly got involved in the script as well.

Nadeem Soumah

Director of Photography

Nadeem is a DOP and director well known for his skills in Toronto. After the filming of "Tension(s)", Nadeem moved to Los Angeles where he wrote, directed & produced the feature film "6 Ways to Sundown" starring Vinnie Jones, Tom Sizemore and Vivica A. Fox.

Guy-Roger Duvert

Score Composer

Guy-Roger Duvert composed the score for director Vincent Lecrocq previous short film "Survivant(s)".
He also worked several times with François Mequer. He was an obvious choice. Recently, he has composed music for famous Hollywood blockbusters trailers.


Here is the extended trailer of TENSION(S). Feel free to share it !

Here is the official trailer of TENSION(S). Feel free to share it !

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